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5.5W LED Light Bulb Schematic

Schematic diagram of a 220V 50Hz/60Hz 5.5W LED Light Bulb made by FSL:

Schematic diagram of a 5.5W LED bulb
Fig. 1: Schematic diagram of the 5.5W LED light bulb

The light bulb produces 460 lumens, has a color temperature of 3000K and is guaranteed for 25,000 hours.

It's a cheap bulb, and no surprises, the small PCB contains only a simple capacitor dropper, a rectifier bridge, a smoothing capacitor, two current limiting resistors and two small SMD discharge resistors. There are 10 LEDs mounted on an aluminum-substrate PCB, all connected in series. Each LED package contains 5 discrete LEDs and shows a voltage drop of around 15V.

Disassembled LED bulb pictures

5.5W LED bulb PCB component side
Fig. 2: 5.5W LED bulb PCB - component side
5.5W LED bulb PCB back side
Fig. 3: 5.5W LED bulb PCB - back side
Half-disassembled 5.5W LED bulb
Fig. 4: Led bulb with opened dome
Fully Disassembled 5.5W LED bulb
Fig. 5: Fully disassembled bulb